How To Get Rid Of Beer Belly Fast

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How To Get Rid Of Beer Belly Fast

Beer belly refers to an extended or protruding abdomen, usually associated with people who tend to accumulate body fat in this region due to the excessive consumption of beer. A beer belly is more common with men than women, primarily because men are regular beer drinkers and may also consume a lot of greasy food along with it, which leads to more calories. This term is now only loosely associated with beer drinkers and can mean anyone who has a lot of fat in the abdominal area.

A beer belly develops when one consumes very high calorie food or beverages and leads a sedentary lifestyle. Once you develop a beer belly, it is very difficult to get rid of it no matter how much you exercise, because this is the area where it is the hardest to lose weight. It mostly affects men because women put on more weight on the hips and thighs, while men first put on weight near their abs.

The most visible symptom of a beer belly is a protruding stomach, excessive weight on the abdominal region above the waist, thin arms and legs, breathlessness while doing any physical activity and a tendency to binge eat. There is no particular type of beer belly and the appearance may differ from person to person and depend on their metabolism rates.

The first stage of diagnosis can be done by the person himself, as he can measure his increasing waistline and see the negative effects of a protruding stomach. To know his exact state and how to get rid of beer belly fast, he can also see a doctor or a nutritionist who will take his hip and waist measurements, examine his Body Mass Index (BMI) and may also ask him to do a few stress exercises like running on the treadmill.

The doctor also does a differential diagnosis to find out if it is obesity or if the person is suffering from something like intestinal bloating. He may also conduct a test of the body’s intra abdominal fat to see how high the levels of plasma liquid and lipoproteins are, usually associated with obesity.

There is no quick way of finding out how to get rid of beer belly fast since it takes a lot of hard work, control in diet and a healthy lifestyle. If a beer belly is not treated fast, there is a greater chance of developing diabetes, asthma, heart problems, joint aches etc later in life, which can be very serious conditions.

Reduction in intake of high energy food that have carbohydrates and oily food rich in fats, along with an increasing consumption of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, lean meats etc will help you lose weight. This must be accompanied with regular cardio exercise and an active lifestyle to boost your metabolism. Just getting rid of the belly fat won’t work because in all probability it will come back. You must follow a proper diet and exercise regime to keep the belly fat away.

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