How to Get Rid of Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death

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How to Get Rid of Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death

When an Xbox 360 console malfunctions, the illuminated centre circle which is lighted in green light under normal conditions will flash red light. This circular button is surrounded by 4 separate lights and the numbers of lights which are red actually indicate the particular malfunction of the games console.

The ‘red ring of death’ is caused by a failure of one or more internal components although sometimes the problem can be that the console not receiving enough power. The most common cause for a component or hardware failure is overheating.

An Xbox console is full of high power integral parts that are all located close together in a confined area. The fans, heat sinks and vents that are used sometimes fail to keep up with the workload if the console’s airflow is obstructed.

xbox 360 red ring of death fix

–  One red light illuminated indicates that there is a hardware failure with the console.
–  Two red lights indicate an overheating problem with the console.
–  Four illuminated red lights means that the AV cable is loose.
–  The most worrying sign for an Xbox 360 owner is the ‘red ring of death’, this is the name given when there are 3 red lights flashing.

To fix Xbox 360 red ring of death there are a number of steps you can take before considering taking you console apart. The following list of possible causes should be worked through in order and if the problem persists then move onto the next possible cause and solution:

Step 1

Restart the console to check that a momentary dip in power supply didn’t cause the ‘ring of death’.

Step 2

Disconnect and reconnect all of the cables and cords to make sure that that ther is not a loose connection. Any damaged cables should be replaced to rule them out.

Step 3

Unplug the hard drive and switch on the console to see of the warning lights have disappeared. If they have, then reconnect the hard drive and switch back on.

Step 4

Move the Xbox to a different room and plug into a different power outlet.

Step 5

Check the temperature of the console and is it running hot? If this is the case the air vents should be checked to make sure that they are clear and also check that the fans are working.

The most effective cure for the Xbox 360 red ring of death however is prevention. Regular inspection of the console to remove any dust build is essential. Also making sure that the console doesn’t get pushed into or up against a wall or that the cables get tangled around the console.

Make sure that the Xbox is situated in a location that isn’t too hot, thus minimizing the chances of an overheating problem. Conversely Xbox’s are susceptible to cold temperatures and shouldn’t be left in vehicles, garages or sheds overnight. If this does happen then the Xbox should be brought inside and allowed to warm up to room temperature before being switched on.

A regular schedule of preventative maintenance will extend the life of an Xbox 360 console but if a fix Xbox 360 red ring of death situation arises, then the remedial steps above should be enough to avoid opening the console and invalidating the manufacturer’s warranty.

2 Responses to How to Get Rid of Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death

  1. Jose says:

    Thanks for recommendation, it fixed my Xbox perfectly!

  2. ivan says:

    I tried everything that I was told to do from my computer but the only thing that I was not told before was step 4:move the xbox to a DIFFERENT room and plug into a DIFFERENT power outlet. I did NOT do that step and I did not know they had that step. On Saturday I will try it out but if it works I’m going to be so suprised. Thank you for the recommendation.

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